I contribute recorded meditations and reflections to the Insight Timer App which is home to more than 8,900,000 meditators

Insight Timer is rated as the top free meditation app on the Android and iOS stores.  I hope some of the recordings on Insight Timer might assist you in your practice

I invite you to download the App at either of the links below.

On the App you will find a wide variety of meditations, talks and reflections which are offered as a help on life’s journey


Links to my free meditations on the Insight Timer Meditation App:

Gratitude Reflection

The Wonderful Human Body

Forgiveness Meditation

Generate Feelings of Loving Kindness

Starting and Re-starting mindfulness practice

Amazing Hands – and exercise in body gratitude

Begin again – Re-dedication to Goodness

Imagining a world

Signpost to Happiness

Five-minute break for reflection

Your Unique Life

Gratitude reflection – The place we call home

Change as a catalyst for compassion

All the good you have done

Beautiful Noise

The Gratitude Response – so many reasons for thankfulness

Gratitude for water – the basis of all life on Earth

What do driving tests, symphonies and dancing have in common?

Gratitude Walk down Memory Lane

Relax into the Peace of Night

Thank your Lucky Stars

All you need is love

Morning Meditation – Gratitude for New Day

Take back your on-line life

New Year Meditation

For Today Just let Things be

A Blessing for You

You are todays gift to the world

Support in a time of Bereavement

In Times of Change and Uncertainty

Opening your life to awareness

Why Knock Yourself

Relax & Take it Easy

We are blessed today

A Key to happiness

Slow Down and Stop

Gateway to Empathy

Awake the dawn

A Wave of Blessing

Memories of Happiness

Gateway to Sleep

Relax into Restful Sleep

Pause reflection – Praise and Blame

Looking over Tapestry of life

Picking up the Pieces

Let go & let grow

Let me sow Love

Five minutes for rest and sleep

Thoughts for reflection – Simply do your best

Good Neighbours – words for reflection

Lucky to be alive

Life is a one-way ticket

We are wonderfully made – a body scan

Breath as a key to mindful compassion

Short Litany of Thankfulness

Litany of Thankfulness

Standing beside someone bereaved

The gift of just now

Buddha’s 4 noble truths

Making Time for Mindfulness

Buddha’s noble eightfold path Part 1 of 3

Blessed beyond imagining

November Light

Making time for Relaxation and Creativity

Finding a place of utter calm

Sitting in grateful appreciation

Setting the days intention

Is everyone somewhere else?

Starlight – a meditation on the Night Sky

Buddha’s noble eightfold path Part 2 of 3

Buddha’s noble eightfold path Part 3 of 3

The Dawn Chorus invites New Beginnings

Living Your Resolutions

Advice to the Young

Seeing behind the mask

Saving the Earth, our urgent priority

Helping hands

A Life in Imitation of Water

A Life of Kindness and Love


To access my recordings in full please download the Insight Timer Meditation App

Some of my followers on the Insight Timer Meditation App have requested access to basic copies of the meditation recordings, that is to say voice-only recordings without background music or interval music. In response to that request I am happy to provide a link HERE to any such recordings where requests have been received

If you wish to contact me:

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