Please consider joining our Meetup for Mindfulness group

We meet for Mindfulness Practice in the Lantern Centre, 17 Synge Street, Dublin 8 on the THIRD Tuesday of each month. Members aim to arrive and at 7.15 so that we can be ready for a mindful 7.30pm start

Group members will receive a weekly email with what I hope will be helpful advice in relation to establishing and maintaining a mindful way of living. In the weekly email I will (as they arise) let people know of other meetings and events that might be of interest and of help to them.

We take inspiration from inspiring Buddhist teachers such as Thich Nhat Hahn, the Dalai Lama, Jack Kornfield, Gill Fronsdal and others.

We are also open to mindfulness ideas arising from other sources both new and old.

The world is facing unprecedented challenges—environmental, economic, social, and moral—and to successfully rise to meet these challenges we must draw on the wisdom of the East and the West, of the ancient and the modern. The same challenges that imperil our very existence may help us unite in ways never before witnessed in human history.
– B. Alan Wallace,

The purpose of this group is to provide support and community for the many people expressing an interest in mindfulness with a view to brining Buddhist ethics into everyday life.




To support our mindfulness efforts I have set up:


You will find some support in the following short publications now available on Amazon and the Kindle Store (and remember you do not need a Kindle, just a free app to read an e-book on a PC Mac or Smartphone)

Just for Today:

We live our lives a day at a time, not in weeks or in months. Our daily actions determine our character. In this short book you will find reflections and ideas for 31 mindful actions , one to practice for each day of the month.



A 31 day program to increase your awareness of wonder

In thirty one easily accessible chunks this book offers readers an increased awareness of the (frequently overlooked) wonder that is our very existence. Just consider for a moment the amazing fact that we exist, that anything exists, and try to respond appropriately. By opening our eyes, seeing thing afresh and responding appropriately we can make this world a better place for others and for ourselves. This book simply asks us to spend some minutes each day in quiet reflection


Simply Calling God:

Prayers for life’s situations

A book of prayerful reflections intended for people of all faiths and none with reflections, thanksgivings and blessings for the events of the day, for family and relationships, for life circumstances and emotional states, words of encouragement and comfort for one and all, a daily help on the path of life.


I am really pleased to see so many people responding following the setting up of this meetup and look forward to welcoming even more people to our group and supporting one another as we seek to live mindfully in what is the wonderful gift of the present moment.



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