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We live our lives a day at a time, not in weeks or months. Our daily actions determine our character. In this short book, you will find ideas for 31 mindful actions, one to practice for each day of the month.
A book of reflections for people of all faiths and none. Thoughts, thanksgivings and blessings for life stages, for relationships, family, life events and emotional states, a daily help on the path of life.Reasons for awe and wonder surround us and go unnoticed every day. Here are 31 ideas to increase our awareness of the amazing world around us – 100 words of reflection for each day of the month.


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Gratitude Response Cover

The Gratitude Res
ponse offers you an invitation to open wide the door to happiness and admit more contentment into your life. It encourages you to pause and reflect on the countless reasons for gratefulness that arise from all the supportive people and events of your life.

The Gratitude Response is your opportunity to express thanks for all the numberless gifts of your life. An attitude of gratitude is an antidote to the mistaken belief that we are entitled as of right to everything we might desire. This false sense of entitlement leads to an endless cycle of discontent.

The Gratitude Response gives you an opportunity to break that cycle of restlessness and enjoy the happiness that is the result of gratitude.

May your every day be filled with reasons for gratitude and joy.



and in the pipeline:

A Year of Mindfulness

A simple introduction to Mindfulness, bringing applied Mindfulness ideas into each week of the year.

The Time of Your Life

This is your life so why waste it?  Time-saving ideas for every week of the year.



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